A list of all episodes as of Episode 163 "Spit Roast Big Dogging (S7E12)" featuring missives from Razz, Plaveem, various family members, and Razz/Plaveem fans. Time code indicates the P1 music cue.

  • Episode 118: "Resting Grief Face (S5E19)", 48:08
    • Plaveem to Raz; Plaveem to Razz (Note: Ben clarifies that the spelling is different between the two messages. Hereafter, "Razz" is assumed to be the acceptable spelling for the rest of this list.)
  • Episode 129: "The Good Chills (S6E4)", 46:37
    • Razz to Plaveem, Razz to Plaveem
  • Episode 130: "Munch Longevity (S6E5)", 49:41
    • Plaveem to Razz
  • Episode 136: "No Stranger to Terrible Implants (S6E11)", 48:47
    • Plaveem to Claudia, Wife of Razz
  • Episode 138: "Pretty Rough for a First Timer (S6E13)", 49:37
    • Jessica to Mike (A Trojan Plaveem)
  • Episode 141: "He's Not My Android (S6E16)", 1:02:04
    • Plaveem to Razz
  • Episode 146: "(A Man With) Very Suspicious Loaf (S6E21)", 49:20
    • Commercial P1 for a Plaveem ointment
  • Episode 152: "A Fun Face for Science Fiction (S7E1)", 1:07:15
    • 'Canadians for Plaveem' to 'Razzcals' everywhere
  • Episode 154: "A Hat Under a Hat (S7E3)", 51:00
    • Claudia, Wife of Razz to Plaveem
  • Episode 155: "Foam Stone Holocaust (S7E4)", 47:46
    • 'Razzcals' to Plaveem
  • Episode 163: "Spit Roast Big Dogging (S7E12)", 50:20
    • Plaveem and Razz to Pran-man and the front porch campaigner
    • Razz and Plaveem's group therapist to Razz and Plaveem
  • Episode 164 "Any Pixel in a Storm (S7E13)", 53:45
    • #razcals want Plaveem to go fuck himself NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!
  • Episode 172: "Butter Knife Bat'leth (S7E21)", 48:45
    • Charlie thanks Razz and Plaveem for post-Milwaukee show antics
  • Episode 173: Young Liza Minnelli & Old Billy Eichner (S7E22), 44:28
    • The "Remember the Husnock Foundation" discusses Razz and Plaveem at Milwaukee, tell Plaveem to go fuck himself
    • "I Live Alone, Age 41 with a Cat. Happy Now?" tells Razz or Plaveem, which ever it is they hate more now, to go fuck themself.
  • Episode 179: "Wormhole Ambergris (S1E1)", 58:30
    • The City of Milwaukee invites Razz and Plaveem to go fuck themselves.
  • Episode 181: "The Red Bucket (DS9 S1E3)", 52:12
    • Plaveem is pooping!!!!!! Trager is the worst

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