For the low, low price of $100 for a personal message or $200 for a commercial message, Adam and Ben will read whatever people send them via the Maximum Fun Jumbotron system. This segment occurs after the episode's review, and has included obfuscated and coded messages which may or may not have sparked civil unrest across the country. Someone also named their son "Sagan" and used a P1 to announce his birth. It was fun. The intro to this segment features dialogue from the 1996 movie Kingpin and the ST:TNG season 1 episode "The Neutral Zone," played over "Push it to the Limit" by Paul Engemann from the movie Scarface.

Notable P1 contributors are viewer favorites Raz and Plaveem, a pair of feuding friends (enemies?) who have thus far paid hundreds of dollars over multiple episodes to send their own special coded missives at each other, with Ben and Adam as their mouthpieces of vague affronts and eventual "fuck you"s. Many viewers have even banded together in support of either #teamraz or #teamplaveem.