Each ST:TNG season that Adam and Ben have covered has also given each of them a single chance to veto outright an episode that one of them dislikes, for any reason whatsoever. The veto option is given near the end of the podcast following the preview of the next episode. These vetoes can also immediately be un-vetoed by the other if they decide to nullify the choice and review the episode, anyway.

And that's totally what has happened two three four five six SEVEN times now.
Vetoes are accompanied by that synthy sound effect from "A Current Affair", which is also played in reverse if the veto is reversed. The episode on which the veto is invoked (and, in all cases so far, immediately un-invoked) starts with the Majel Barrett 'Last time on...' from the episode 'Best of Both Worlds pt. 2', followed by highlights of the veto-unveto dialogue from the previous episode. Vetoes for both Adam and Ben are restored upon the beginning of a new season of the show.

Adam and Ben briefly ran a poll amongst viewers regarding changing up the rules of the veto system to include options such as making the other one watch the episode alone or even bringing in a guest podcaster to review the episode which was vetoed with the person who did not veto it. Despite having a large amount of replies to this poll, Adam and Ben decided to deliberately ignore the results and went on doing it the same way they did it before, because it's their goddamn podcast, and what the hell are you gonna do about it?

After the final ineffective veto attempt of Season 7 of TNG, they conclude that they will probably not continue the threat of a veto in the future.

Veto Attempts Edit

  • Season 1: In Ep. 9 "Who's the Big Dog Now?" Adam tries to veto S1E10 "Haven" because it features Lwaxana Troi. Ben nullifies it to be "a diabolical asshole."
  • Season 2: In Ep. 42 "USS Dumpy" Ben attempts to veto the “Space Irish” episode S2E1 “Up the Long Ladder.” Adam counter-vetoes in order to “feel powerful,” and so that they can watch a critically panned episode.
  • Season 3: In Ep. 48 "Thinking About Baseball" Ben says that Ensigns of Command (S3E02) is in his top ten. So Adam vetoes it. Ben is forced to counter-veto.
  • Season 4: In Ep. 77 "The Gordian Sock" Ben tries to veto “Remember Me” (S4E05) because it's a turkey. Adam counters because "fuck you, we're watching it!"
  • Season 5: In Ep. 108 "A Big Fan of Scarcity" Ben attempts to veto “New Ground” (S5E10) thinking it's a Lwaxana ep. Adam pulls a Denzel in Crimson Tide and counters him for attempting to veto while running blind.
  • Season 6: In Ep. 131 "The Deep End of the Pool" Adam attempts to veto "Rascals" because he hates what they do to Ro, they stick a kid in Guinan's hat (neck injury), and he often skips it. He is anti-kids. Ben counters because he likes it and thinks Adam needs a second chance at it, if he skips it so often.
  • Season 7: Adam attempts to veto because Lwaxana is involved. It is a sure-thing veto opportunity. Ben counters because he does not have detailed intelligence about this episode. They say that they may abandon the veto idea for future series.

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