# Date Name DIS Episode Comments
Season One
0 9/22/17 A Nightmare to Produce N/A Intro episode
1 9/26/17 Oopsie-Daisy Murder The Vulcan Hello
2 9/26/17 The Georgiou Rule Battle at the Binary Stars
3 10/3/17 Push Triangle to Talk to Captain Lorca Context is for Kings
4 10/10/17 All It Took Was a Buffet The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry
5 10/17/17 Curved Like A Bat'leth Choose Your Pain
6 10/24/17 She's All Up in that Butt with the Katra Lethe
7 10/31/17 Bridal Train Level Threat Ganglia Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad
8 11/7/17 Kool-Aid Sneeze Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
9 11/14/17 Mek'leths at Dawn Into the Forest I Go


X 1/4/18 Mid Season Bonus N/A Recap episode
10 1/9/18 Giant Barrel of Goo Gone Despite Yourself
11 1/16/18 That's Going All the Way In The Wolf Inside
12 1/23/18 Gremlins in the Microwave Vaulting Ambition
13 1/30/18 Half Apple and a Pancake What's Past is Prologue
14 2/6/18 Head to the Penthouse for the Party The War Without, The War Within
15 2/13/18 21 Jump Streeting Qo'noS Will You Take My Hand?
Between Season Break
X 2/27/18 Season One Wrap-Up N/A Season one recap
16 4/2/18 Ben Fritz N/A Interview with author Ben Fritz for MaxFundrive 2018
17 4/9/18 Danielle Radford N/A Interview with podcast host Danielle Radford for MaxFundrive 2018
18 5/1/18 Nip Woke N/A
19 5/22/18 Anti-Cumberbatch N/A
20 6/5/18 Mirror Universe Mr. DNA N/A Recap of Discovery comic book issues 1 and 2
21 6/19/18 Manu Saadia (Sexual Cousteau) N/A
22 7/3/18 Chris Black N/A Interview with Enterprise writer Chris Black